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Read my lips

fortune telling - 1

A month ago, I readied myself to attend BAM16.  This is one of my two favorite conferences for writers.  These are my “birds of a feather.”  I met friends I only knew virtually, reconnected with friends I made last year, and got a whole new gaggle of friends.  For anyone thinking about attending next year, I highly recommend grabbing a roommate.  Sure it cuts down on cost; but the best benefit is the lasting friendships.  My roommate from last year, Pam Lutrell, and this year’s Julie A Wallace are now two of my favorite people.  Pam’s Over 50 Feeling Feeling 40 made me begin to feel more confident about fashion and style.  I still feel a bit more like Style from the Stylus, if you know what I mean.  Still, Pam and the other style bloggers pumped me up.

Julie, from WordStormCasserole came in a day early and had a leg up networking with the other bloggers.  She literally crammed me into her gaggle of friends and before long, the five of us became the ClownCarChronicles (Midlife Bloggers Gone Wild.)  We formed our own Mastermind group and plan to meet once a month to keep each other accountable.

Again at this conference, my mind swirled with ideas about monetizing, ambassadorship, and branding.  What is my brand, anyways?  I want to be known as a good writer.  A storyteller. I want to get my novel published so I can proudly call myself a novelist.

So what’s up with the lip prints, perhaps you wonder. While at BAM16, we each got a lip-reading.  Jennifer Connolly, from A Well Styled Life  suggested I try a shade of the complimentary lipstick just a bit brighter  than I usually wear.  I picked Cover Girls “Outlast” in shade 925. Wow! That shade really does brighten up my face.  Thanks Jennifer.

Not that I really believe in fortune-telling, but everyone came back happy about what they heard:  “Your creativity is about to break through to something big;” “You are on  the verge of a partnership;” “you’re a natural-born caretaker:” and more great things like that. So here’s what I remember hearing.

See those holes in your lip print? That’s a sign that energy is escaping.  You have many irons in the fire.  Perhaps more than you can keep track of.”

Whoa Mama.  

Outfit of the Week, BAM friend, and NaPoWriMo

Today is CeCi’s birthday and I’m spending the whole day with her. The BAM-16 Conference seems like just last week.  I reconnected with my friend, Doreen, who I met in person for the very first time at BAM-15. I met Doreen McGelligan virtually when I read and reviewed her book, BRISTOL STOMP last year. Here we are last year: And here we are this year. I picked this photo because I love Doreen. And because I got so many compliments about the way I tied my scarf. Yes! Even from the fashion bloggers! I did have my pink Hotter open-toed…

NaPoWriMo: Style from the Stylus

Well this morning I woke from an interesting dream: I dreamt I was sleeping and woke rested and raring to go.  Guess what?  I did. And I’ve got a lot to do.  Starting with back to poetry. Can I marry this prompt with a bit of Style from the Stylus? …think of a single thing or person (a house, your grandmother, etc), and then write a poem that consists of kenning-like descriptions of that thing or person. For example, you might call a cat a mouse-stalker, quiet-walker, bird-warner, purr-former, etc. If you’re looking for examples, you can find one that…

Styles that don’t work

I saw this photo in the Saturday insert to The Wall Street Journal. (Scanned in from my newspaper.) The model is, indeed, beautiful. Nope. Not for me. There was a time when I loved turtlenecks.  See how this model holds her head?  I would have to do that all day long in order to prevent skin rippling down like a Sharpay. I like the way to jack softly gathers over the hips. That might work for me. The skirt? Uh, No. Too long; my legs aren’t willowy enough.  I think it might be kinda trip hazard. Besides, I’m sorry, it…

Wrinkle Relief Experiment: Week 3

It’s the same time of the day.  Still, the days are a little shorter. I notice, that although I’m sitting in the same place, at the same time of day, there’s a little more light coming in my west-facing window. Although after one day, 98% of those asked “Which hand looks younger?” picked the correct one. One person picked one and said it looked “stronger.” Golldarnit.  (Reminder: on one hand I apply some of the magical wrinkle removing cream, twice a day.) I’m wearing the same clothes, so that color won’t skew the data. This week is the first week…

Wrinkle Relief Experiment: Week 1

Last week I outlined my experiment for a new facial cream that promises younger skin.  I’m trying it on one hand, morning and night (and on my face, too.)  Each week, I’ll report here with a new picture. I failed to outline in my original experiment one of my controls.  So in addition to taking the picture in the same place, with the same clothes, at the same time of day, I also daily apply hand cream to both hands.  That’s part of my daily routine.  If I stop that, I’ll be skewing the data.  He picked experimental hand (promising…

I’ll have a little STEM with my GlitterFlopS

glitterflops - 1

Thanks to my Texan friend and BAM roommate, Pam Lutrell, and the folks at WearUsOut, I got this pair of GlitterflopS.  Aren’t they gorgeous? Each pair gets hand assembled in Texas and includes real Swarovski Crystals.  You can’t see it here, but when I walk, I make my very own moving disco ball of colored lights, when the sun reflects off the crystals.  Fun! Is that saddle leather used for the straps? Indeed, yes.

That’s all wonderful. It’s great to be stylish, but the best part is the feel.  The footbeds are “high density” memory foam.  The moment I stepped into these sweet GlitterflopS, comfort nestled all around my feet.

So what exactly is high density memory foam?

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