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Wrinkle Relief Experiment

Back when I noticed the first fading of youth, I began to take really good care of the skin on my face and neck. I remember the day clearly. I held my 3 month old in my arms, cheek to cheek in front of a mirror. My oh my, my skin looked dull and lifeless next to his full pink cheeks.  I was 21 years old. Fast forward several decades and at least that many skin-care products later.  Not too bad.  ” Okay, there’s that happy note.  Read Lee Gaiten’s Gee, You shouldn’t have….Really! You’ll love her Erma Bombeck style of…

Becki and Renée: Two Women with Style

becki Utley - 1Style is more than the way a woman looks or the clothes she wears.  It’s more than the way she carries herself.  It’s about who she is.  A couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to sit down with Becki Utley, and extraordinary woman.  She’s got style.

I found Becki almost by accident. Her Facebook Page popped up by some algorithm in the system. What a great idea, I thought.  People post “ISO” (in search of) what they need, and others post what they have to give away.

It all started when Utley needed things to help a friend. She tried Freecycle, but items got snatched up so fast, it seemed pointless to Becki. She decided to take matters into her own hands, so she started a Facebook page. Now she and Renée administer their Page together.

Becki began “rehoming” her baby clothes and furniture when she decided four children were enough for her. That was a little over two years ago; when she still lived in the affordable housing.  Now, she and her friend, Renée average 30 to 40 hours a week picking up, sorting, washing, and distributing clothes, furniture, and supplies to those in need. Renée has five children. The women also provide resource referrals for people who need assistance.

They have one rule:  Nothing gets re-sold. It’s all free.

Wednesday’s Style: Scarf in the Summer?

I stopped by Faith and Grace Boutique in Marengo on my way to see Ceci.  Tina always has some new style ideas up her sleeve. I arrived on a Friday, a day after her MainStreet meeting that “was insane.”  She told me it was a “hat day” for her.  I can only wish my hat days looked this good.

Anyways, did you know

I didn’t.  Here’s how she did it, front and back:Scarf style - 3

Columbia & Keen

My friend suggested this pose, guaranteed it made everyone look slimmer.  Hmmm…. I did a little planning before I left for Florida.  It’s hot and humid. I’m going to be walking all day.  And I’ll probably get wet – I do love the water rides. The day I wore this outfit, it got to 95%.  I don’t know what the humidity was, but looking at my hair, it was up there.  Am I the only one who can feel my hair get big as it soaks up moisture from the air? Several people recommended Keen sandals.  Coco and I each…

Kimono, Heels and Yoga Pants? Yes, Indeed.

So many people liked my tips on those little loops inside drapey blouses and tops, that I decided to do a repeat. CeCe got me this kimono and Nikibiki cami for my birthday.     CeCe’s friend, Michelle owns, Faith and Grace Boutique, where she sells unique, stylish clothing, that is practical for us fuller figured women. Michelle doesn’t have a website yet. I’m working with her on that. The last time I wore the kimono and Nikibiki, I was at BAM in Nashville.  My roommate took a picture for me.  I thought I looked so together.  Guess what?  One side of the…

Bicycling in Style

I love to bicycle.  It’s good exercise, but that’s not why I love it.  Bicycling makes me feel like a little girl.  Especially when I have my turquoise bike from L.L.Bean and my great basket on front. (See how I bungied by ice-tea to the inside of the basket?)  Especially, Especially when I have little girls and boys to ride along with me. No, I’m not riding in a skirt.  That’s my new skort from Kohl’s and a matching long tank underneath, so I don’t feel self-conscious about the see-throughedness of my linen shirt.  I love skorts because they are…

Maxxinista in Black and White

I admire Valarie. We met when CoCo joined Weight Watchers.  I get to sit at the meetings with CoCo, because she can’t drive. Valerie works the scales.  She is so encouraging and upbeat.  She takes the time to chat about our latest grocery find, or share coupons.  Valarie shops at the grocery where CoCo works.  “See ya Thursday morning.” Valarie always has her smile on.  No matter how stylish the outfit, as Orphan Annie says, You’re never fully dressed without a smile. Valarie always, always, always takes time to listen.  I mean really listen.  I’m still working on my listening skills.…

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