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Veterans Day: Grandpa’s Experience During WWI

Day 2 of a salute to Veterans.  I am continuing with my grandfather’s words, as he wrote them when he was about 95 years old.  He’s been gone many years now.  I am so lucky his words live on. Sgt. W. Mills said that all military camps were quarantined and it would be weeks before any new draftees were taken in.  We would be notified when the quarantine would be lifted.  Sgt. W. Mills was pleased with the number of men that enlisted, and too, we had some top notch musicians, several that were members of the local Chevrolet Band.…

Veterans Day: Recollection from a WWI Veteran

I am lucky. My grandfather, with much urging, memorialized some of his memories in a Kinko’s bound book.  This week, I plan to share some of his thoughts leading up to and during World War I. The only title Grandpa gave his memoir is, “Researched, compiled and written by Frank N. Zyber”  (No date, but as I remember, Grandpa was somewhere around 95 when he put fingers to keyboard and memorialized these memories.)  I record his memories here, exactly as he did.  Where I think clarification or context helpful, I added a few words in [brackets.] Starting on Page 56:…

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