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Gratitude Monday #50 Road Trip

This morning I woke up smiling. A quiet cup of coffee and a mini banana walnut muffin and things were moving for me in a positive way. I’m not sure why I feel so happy, maybe it was the dream I was having when I awoke at 5:30 AM. Maybe a smiling face at breakfast, a cook, already at work, and handing me a bottle of water. Maybe it was Loved-One pulling me close in the middle of the night. Maybe the higher altitude is lifting my spirits. So in no particular order: A road trip with Loved-One: I never…

Photo Friday: Foggy Morning Bike Ride

I snapped these photos while I was pedaling.  Love my iPhone!  A little bit of blurriness is from the fog and some is because I of the pedaling.  No retouching.  Oh that was peaceful.  I think I’ll do it again tomorrow.  The bike ride, not the pictures.  

Photo Friday: Clean Sheets, TSBS

Last weekend we took a mini-vacation to Nashville. This sign greeted us in the elevator: I’m sure it’s supposed to be re-assuring.  I asked myself, Is this a policy change?  Are there hotels around here that do NOT change the sheets for each new guest? I found this sticky note attached to the headboard: More questions.  Does housekeeping replace the sticky note upon cleaning?  Is this a reminder to them or to me?  Shouldn’t I take clean sheets for granted when I visit a hotel? Another elevator shouted out to me in Text-speak: Just in case I don’t have the…

Photo Friday: Eating on the Road

After hours of viewing flat fields, corn turning brown and clouds of dust from bean combines, we stopped for dinner. A family owned businesss, known for cooking locally grown produce, we expected down-home American cooking. What we got was the best food EVER. I mean it. it. Could this be the place where Chicago chefs go to Chefs’ Camp? I just read about it in the Sunday paper. Chicago Tribune says Firefly Grill is “Worth the road trip?” Bon Appetit named Firefly Grill the 2nd Best Eco-Friendly Restaurant in the country. upon Loved-One had pork shank and butternut squash soup.…

NaBloPoMo: The End of the Journey

My sister, Bonita plans a trip with Mom the second week of June for the past 13 years.  I went the first year and again this year with three of my five sisters.  (Yes, I have brothers, too:  three.)  I mark the years by Dad’s death, and by my first grand-daughters birth. This year we travel to the East Coast to visit Uncle Ken, two years younger than Mom, and Aunt Annie, 14 years younger than Mom.  We plan to drive, but Mom finds us plane tickets on the internet that cost less than we’d spend driving.  Yes, Mom did…

NaBloPoMo and Photo Friday: Planes, Trains, Automobiles

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