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Photo Friday: Clean Sheets, TSBS

Last weekend we took a mini-vacation to Nashville. This sign greeted us in the elevator: I’m sure it’s supposed to be re-assuring.  I asked myself, Is this a policy change?  Are there hotels around here that do NOT change the sheets for each new guest? I found this sticky note attached to the headboard: More questions.  Does housekeeping replace the sticky note upon cleaning?  Is this a reminder to them or to me?  Shouldn’t I take clean sheets for granted when I visit a hotel? Another elevator shouted out to me in Text-speak: Just in case I don’t have the…

Stay-cation 2013

Every summer, for as long as I can remember, I go camping.  For the past 10 years or more, that means a trip to Van Buren State Park on Lake Michigan.  See the background to this post?  That’s last year’s Lake Surf.  (Well, it will be until I change the background in September. )  I love the Lake. Grandchildren, children, Love-one and I camp for about a week straddling a weekend in July. Mom and my sisters and brothers and their families join us for the weekend.  Not this July.  Because of Duckie’s osteomyelitis, and the danger of her breaking…

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