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Veterans Day: Part 5, WWI Soldier Comes Home

This is Day 5 of Frank Zyber’s memories of WWI.  This is the last in the series.  If you’ve missed Day 1-4, you might want to click on the related articles.  You won’t want to miss what I think is his visit to a cat house.  Today’s recollection continues with Grandpa’s experience at Fort Custard.

It was a cold round ride and what seemed like ten mils before we reached a place that had what looked like new buildings and very dark everywhere.  We were told to get off and find a building that was open and get in and make the most of it.  We found one and after getting in and by the light of a match now and then we found a hot air furnace, but no fuel or beds.  Looked around out of doors, but all we found was a stack of iron beds along side of the building and they were covered with ice and snow.  They were of the folding type and had to be jerked, pulled and pried to get them apart and taken in and set up.  No mattresses or covering of any kind and we

Veterans Day: Part 4, Recollections of a WWI Veteran

My grandfather, Frank Zyber, got recruited into the military band during WWI.  These are his memories, typed by him when he was in his nineties.  This week I transcribed them for all to read.  Today, I added a few paragraph breaks just to make his writing a little easier for on-screen reading.  If you are new with this post, please go back to the “related posts” to catch up on the Spanish flu and Grandpa joining the military. [The military band] was a group of forty two musicians and there were four of us in the tuba section and two…

Veterans Day: Part 3 of Recollections of a WWI Veteran

This is Day 3 of transcribing my grandfather’s memories of World War I, the War to End all Wars.  These are Frank Zyber’s words, as he typed them somewhere around age 95.  My last post ended when Frank said goodbye to his dad and boarded the train. We were going to Detroit to the Delray Station, then change to the Pennsylvania Central and to Baltimore.  It was not a troop train but an elegant passenger train with club car, diner and sleepers.  The food was good but I was wondering if I would be able to sleep in the sleeping…

Veterans Day: Grandpa’s Experience During WWI

Day 2 of a salute to Veterans.  I am continuing with my grandfather’s words, as he wrote them when he was about 95 years old.  He’s been gone many years now.  I am so lucky his words live on. Sgt. W. Mills said that all military camps were quarantined and it would be weeks before any new draftees were taken in.  We would be notified when the quarantine would be lifted.  Sgt. W. Mills was pleased with the number of men that enlisted, and too, we had some top notch musicians, several that were members of the local Chevrolet Band.…

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