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Gratitude Monday: After Glow, BlogHer14

I almost stayed home from BlogHer’s 10th anniversary celebration.  Then, I saw a early bird ticket for sale.  I acted on the spur of the moment.   It was a long shot.  I really couldn’t afford it.  I probably wouldn’t get it. I did. Oh my!  Now what?  It’s in San José.  Maybe I can find a room-mate.  I sent out a request on the Women of Midlife Facebook page.  It was a long shot.  I only met a few of the members last year.  Probably no one would want to take a risk on a stranger.  Kay Lynn responded immediately. …

Photo Friday: This Heat is Makin’ Me Croak

  The heat this summer yielded a chorus of croakers.  Don’t they look cool and comfy.  From my desk, I can see them crawl out onto a warm rock. They look so bored, as they slip back into the water to cool off again. Loved-one turns over rocks and hand feeds them worms.  I giggle every time a frog captures a worm and slurps it down like a piece of spaghetti.  By the end of summer, Loved-one will have these frogs climbing int his hand. They will be that tame. Looks like something out of a storybook, doesn’t it?  I…

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